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 It's no secret that people do better when they're Motivated 

Peter takes the seriousness of business and combines it with the finesse of customer service to create the ultimate motivational speaking platform. Individuals and teams perform better when they are equipped with the right tools. Peter ensures that your professionals become educated on concepts that they can immediately take back to their roles within your organization.


They don't teach that in school

Going to school can teach you how to run a business -- but not how to lead one. Management is learned but leadership is earned. Most of the best leaders in business have had great people guiding and coaching them. Peter takes your audience to a different kind of school. One that can't be found anywhere else.

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Whether you're organizing an event and need a speaker or want someone to speak to the staff in your office, Peter can help you achieve your goals. Use the form below to get in touch with us and let's reach the next level, together.


Speaking Engagements

Hire Pete to speak to your group! Please read all the way through before ordering.

Peter O’Neal believes that audiences should be engaged and connected with a speaker during a live event. He brings his passion, experience and combines them into a unique interactive presentation. Peter speaks to all ages, but really enjoy speaking to professionals and young current and future leaders.

Peter charges a fee based on the type of event, length of time that he’s expected to speak and location. If you’d like Peter to speak at your elementary, middle or high school, there is no fee. All travel costs would have to be paid by the school (If outside of Baltimore).

To hire Peter as a keynote speaker, or as a presenter at an event, order this product and fill out the accompanying form. Someone from Peter’s team will be in touch to talk about details and costs.

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