Break Your Routine


Everyday, millions of people commute to work. Some by car, some on trains and others on buses. They get up early and make that trek to their jobs. This is where they work for 6-8 hours or more to collect a paycheck. After a hard day’s work they commute back home and pretend to have a personal life.

Jobs are merely an illusion of a vehicle that one can use to generate wealth. They help us pay our bills, but rarely do we ever manage to “get ahead” financially. What’s even worse is that once we settle into the routine of working, we tend to let time pass us by. Year after year, decade after decade without making any tangible progress.

Sure, we use our jobs to buy home and send children off to school. We may even take vacations and see the far away places. Unfortunately we spend most of our adult lives working and then handing our hard earned cash over to creditors, banks, utilities and stores.

Today you should challenge yourself. Take a moment to evaluate your routine and your situation. How can you make it better? Is there the potential to give yourself more free time? Are you advancing in your career and are you working toward your dreams and goals? How can you make more money while increasing the amount of personal time you get to yourself? How can you pay off your bills?

What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose: the right to create for oneself the alternatives of choice. -Archibald MacLeish

Every positive step you take today will create a better future.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the mundane. Find ways to introduce freedom in your life and break free from the routine.

Peter O'Neal