You Can’t Be Motivated Into Success

You can’t be motivated into success. You just can’t. It’s something you have to achieve on your own — through action.

I know that sounds crazy, especially coming from me. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I like to motivate and encourage people. I sincerely love to give people that one inspiring word that gets them going.

The only problem with that is people are constantly looking for someone to motivate them. It’s like a drug. You get motivated once by someone really really inspiring. This causes you you to go heads down on a project and feel really satisfied in your productivity levels. Then at some point, you slack off. You figure you’re just not motivated enough so you go searching for more encouragement. This becomes a cycle that is repeated until you become a motivation junkie.

You can make your own motivation

The cool thing about motivation, is that it’s like a seed. Think of it this way, you can either eat a seed or you can plant it.

Eating a seed gives you a bit of nourishment for a while, but eventually your body will get rid of it as waste and desire more.

Planting a seed allows you to grow a living organism that will bear fruit and keep you sustained indefinitely.

The same thing goes for motivation. When you watch a motivational video just for its inspiring qualities, you are eating it. It will pump you up for a little while but eventually the “buzz” will wear off. You will be right back to square one trying to find more inspirational content.

When you immediately take action after watching a motivational video, you are planting it. Apply the concepts taught in the video, use its energy to do something tangible.

“When it call comes down to it, nothing trumps execution.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Motivation board

Head to the store and buy yourself an inexpensive white board. Title it your “Motivation Board”.

In your own style, split it up into three sections. Dreams, Goals and Actions.

Dreams are things you want to reach. They can be really big items like early retirement, making a million dollars or raising a family.

Goals are more immediate items like buying a home or a new car, getting out of debt, building a sizable savings.

Actions are things that you need to do in order to reach your goals and ultimately your dreams. These are things like getting more education, certifications in your field or a better paying job. They can also be items like finishing certain projects or going to networking events related to your area of expertise.

You can’t sit around waiting for someone to motivate you into success. You’ll never reach it. You need to take that initial push and turn it into forward motion.

Always remember that you are capable of doing great and amazing things. The only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself. Never give up on yourself or your dreams.

Peter O'Neal