You Need More Wins


Written By: Peter O'Neal, Jr

One day, you graduated from school. You finished high school or college and it was a great occasion. You became an adult and your abilities were backed with a piece of paper. 

As a matter of fact, that moment was so joyous that most people never move past that. I’m always amazed at the amount of functioning adults that are stuck in their college years. You know why?

They haven’t progressed beyond that.

Right now I’m stepping on toes…..

Just stay with me for a second. Chances are that one of two things happened. You either got a job in your field of study or you didn’t. In either scenario, I would bet money you realized that very quickly that being a professional wasn’t what you thought it would be.

Yes, there are some people that absolutely love their jobs. They jump up in the morning and really enjoy what they do. I’m happy for you if that’s you. As a matter of fact, you can actually close this article because it’s not written for you.

I’m banking that you got a job in exactly what you went to school for but you still feel unfulfilled. Even worse if you aren’t doing what you spent good money to learn about. There’s nothing worse than going to law school and winding up in a completely unrelated field.

This is what people are dealing with. Honestly. A lot of hard working people are feeling unfulfilled at work and in their careers. So how is the world turning without you? Allow me to explain….

You're Stuck

Your knee jerk reaction to that statement might be to think “No I’m not!” 

In reality, however, you have been or will be stuck in your current role at work for some time. Promotions don’t come everyday and unless you’re some fast moving super star in your organization, you may be doing your current job for a decade before anything changes. That’s just the reality of business.

So you head in to work, day after day doing the same thing. Time progresses and you never make enough money to drastically change your situation. You make enough to pay the bills, keep your home and maybe travel once a year — and THAT’S if you’re middle class. 

Before you know it, 20 years has gone by and you’re still in the same company with no change. Sure you’ve had kids, built a home and seen a few cities in your travels. But what have you done?

Or better yet, what have you accomplished?

You Need More Wins

High School graduation was a win. You’re college degree was a win. Post grad was a win. Getting that “dream job” was a win. What’s next?

Seriously, what is next on the agenda? Are you done winning? Are you going to let the world just turn while you occupy a desk and put money in a 401k for a future that isn’t promised to you?

Today you need to decide for yourself how you intend to begin winning. Stop looking to the past and waving your degree in your hand. Yeah that was great for you at 23 years old, but if you’re 50 there should have been more winning in that 27 year span. So what are you doing with yourself?

Let’s figure out how to win, how to succeed and how to push the envelope each day. Let’s get it!

Peter O'Neal