You Don’t Have Flaws

I had a GREAT conversation with fellow Medium writer Chantal. We were discussing flaws and talking about people’s ability to see past them when dating or conducting business.

She said this to me:

There’s no such thing has having flaws. What you really have is a perception of what people think you ‘should’ be. There’s no such thing as a flaw.

That, to me, was an extremely thought provoking concept. I mean, when I look in the mirror I see all kinds of flaws. Over the years I’ve had people point out things they thought I needed to fix in my life, and I always considered those things as flaws — but now they aren’t?

Things that cause someone to see a “flaw” in someone else are variable. Some women would never date a shorter man while some would. So a woman that loves taller men might look at a man who is short, but otherwise perfect, as having a flaw.

So then a flaw begins to fall into the realm of perception rather than factual reality. Our own internal perception of what people say are our flaws then have to be reevaluated. We need to completely rediscover ourselves and understand that while some may not like certain things about us, those things aren’t necessarily bad. And that it’s okay.

Today, take a moment for inward reflection and think about all the things that make you who you are. It’s entirely possible that you aren’t as “flawed” as you truly believe. Or rather, have been led to believe.

Peter O'Neal