3 Crucial Apps IN 2017

I normally don't get that sensational in my headlines, but this list will help you double your productivity in 2017.


In today's super fast paced modern society, it's hard to get a handle on what solutions will help you be more productive. It's crucial you rise above the noise. Here are 3 fantastic apps that will help you get it done in 2017. It's not that the apps are new or sensational, but I truly believe that 2017 will mark a turning point in how we use the web, conduct business and see the world through our mobile devices.





You need this app. There's no way around getting through the complicated task of keeping yourself organized. I like to travel, and Evernote is a great way for me to keep my travel itinerary close by. 

It's like taking all your notebooks with you wherever you go.

Evernote is like your own personal library of personal content that you can carry in your pocket. It's different from online storage solutions such as BOX or Dropbox, because it's more note oriented. You can add tags to your notes to make them searchable, and notebooks can be shared with others. It's free to start with, and has a nifty set of features that become available with a subscription.

Make sure to check out www.evernote.com for more details.



This app is fantastic as it's like having a personal assistant in your pocket. It's different from Siri or Google in that it scans your emails, is connected with your other apps, checks your calendar and knows your location. I know it sounds invasive, but it's been fantastic!

For example, if I have an appointment at the coffee shop near my house, the app will send me a notification. It will let me know how long the drive will be, and what time I need to leave to get to my meeting on time.

In addition, I don't always get a chance to check my emails as much as I should. The app sends me a notification when I get an email that needs my attention. Through some voodoo, it always happens to alert me to things I really want to read--- or need to respond to.

Check this one out for a full list of features at www.easilydo.com



Everyone should be familiar with Dropbox. This service is my champion for keeping things off my mac or synced with my iPhone. Dropbox is free, but if you pay for it you can get a 1TB plan, which is worth it in my opinion.

The service not only let's you store large files, but share them as well. If you have a huge video file to share with a colleague, or a client -- this is your app. I have the application loaded to all of my desktops and laptops as well as my mobile devices. It's the quickest way to get items off my phone and onto the right machine.

I've never had an issue accessing Dropbox, and they've never lost any of my files. Of course, make sure to have hard copies of anything that is to important to lose. I still have CD's and DVDs of data that I want to keep. Dropbox, however, is a great solution.

Check out www.dropbox.com

I hope this list helped you in some way. It's time to be great and pursue your dreams. Best of luck!


Peter O'Neal