Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

As someone who has been following and learning about Bitcoin and it's block chain technology since 2012, I've become somewhat of a subject matter expert. I've made a decent amount of profit on crypto, and I'd love the opportunity to help anyone who's interested in learning more about what Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are. Check out the links below to start your journey.



Bitcoin is what's known as a digital currency. It is a token that carries with it a monetary value, and can be exchanged digitally through the internet. It relies on a form of technology called the blockchain. The concept is inherently secure and allows for secure, borderless and fast monetary exchanges. 


Cryptocurrencies run on the blockchain. It is a distributed and decentralized ledger that allows various nodes to verify each others transactions. Once transaction data is verified and agreed upon, it is added to a block of data. A ledger contains links of the blocks and serves as a permanent record.



Future of secure communication

The blockchain and the technologies being developed out of it represent the future of secure communication. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies not only represent the a fantastic investment opportunity, they also represent a shift in how we communicate and bank.